"The Vision"
Pastor Wayne C. Thompson of the Fellowship of Faith Church International (FFC) received a vision from God to establish an educational insitiution that would honor God as the source of all learning.
This institution was to respond to the needs of those in the church and the broader community whose children were in need of a Christian school that not only provided excellence in education, while teaching children that Jesus Christ is the center of all intelligence.

When Pastor Wayne received the vision, he lost little time following the Lord's instruction. In 1985, a facility was purchased on Campbellton Road. It was renovated and the equipped first to house an Early Learning Center (led by Sis. Charlotte Wheeler), then, within a few months, grades K5 to 6th. The equipment and furnishings were donated by members and friends of the FFC or purchased used from warehouses and school systems.

"And It Came To Pass"
The teachers came forward. Like warriors marching to the front line, they came.
Holy Spirit-filled and academically certified, they presented themselves to be used in God's service. Talent was matched with need and in September of 1986, the doors of Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy welcomed its first students, ELC to 6th grade. Each year thereafter, another grade was added through 12th Grade.

"God Created Each Child"
At Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy (SACA), the philosophy is simple. God created each child with unique gifts. The unfolding of these gifts is encouraged by motivating the students to fulfil their complete potential in God.
Faith in the power of God and His Word as well as education are brought together as essential factors in content of instruction. The Academy is viewed as a natural extension of the Christian home and church, where students learn that faith is the means for development of learning and developing a Christian personality. As of 2016, SACA had graduated 264 Alumni that are impacting the world.

Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy