Founded in 1986 by Wayne C. Thompson
Senior Pastor, Fellowship of Faith Church International, and Chairman of the Board.

Mission Statement:
  1. God has uniquely created each of His children and endued them with gifts to be used to bring Him honor and glory.
  2. It is our responsibility to unfold this uniqueness and these gifts in each child, and
  3. To motivate each child to do his utmost to achieve and exemplify excellence in every aspect of his life.
  4. All learning will be rooted in the understanding of faith in God and the power of His word.

Philosophy of Instruction:
  To provide an excellent education in a Christ-like environment

  Georgia Accrediting Commission

Licensed by:
  Bright From the Start

Membership Affiliations:
  Associated Consortium of Christian Educators and Schools (ACCES)
  Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI)
  Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
  Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development (ASCD)

  6:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Classes: Age Teacher-Student Ratio:
Infants 6 weeks to 12 months 1 to 5
Toddler I 13 to 17 months 1 to 6
Toddler II 18 to 24 months 1 to 8
Pre-School 2 - 3 years old 1 to 10
Pre-School II 3 - 4 years old 1 to 15
Pre-K 4 - 5 years old 1 to 18

In the Early Learning Center the curriculum begins with infant stimulation activities and moves on to helping toddlers learn how to learn. Subjects taught include: Bible, Phonics, Reading, Numbers, Writing, Health and Safety, Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, P.E., Prof. B Math, American Studies, Science, and Spanish (Pre-K only).

Wee Learn and Higher Reach curriculum are used for Infants and Toddler I and Toddler II. A Beka and Sing, Spell, Read and Write curricula are used for Pre-School I, Pre-School II and Pre-Kindergarten.

Teacher Qualifications:
All of the teachers in the ELC come highly qualified. Some have college degrees in Early Childhood Education; others have certificates in Early Childhood Education. All teachers attend staff development workshops annually and exceed the 10 hours of training required by Bright From the Start, attending training provided by various organizations including Quality Assist, Quality Care, as well as ACSI.

Assessment of Students
Children in the ELC (Infants - Pre-K) are assessed twice during the school year, in September and April. The assessment tools used includes products by Georgia Accrediting Commission, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, Stanford and/or Harcourt Brace.

Note: All Pre-K students will take the Kindergarten Entrance Assessment before promotion to Kindergarten (K5).

Parents will receive Daily Progress reports for Infants through Pre-School I students; bi-weekly Progress reports are distributed to parents for Pre-School II and Pre-K students.

Unit Themes:
Unit Themes are used throughout the ELC, for example,

    Week 1 - Orientation and Classroom Policy
    Week 2 - Classroom Manner and Etiquette

    Week 1 - Physical Health
    Week 2 - Dental Health

Field Trips:
Field trips are an integral part of our students' overall learning experience, and are utilized to stimulate their thinking and enrich their classroom experience. During these trips students have an opportunity for first-hand investigation of a larger world. Examples include:
    -Atlanta Zoo Library
    -Cliftondale ParkNature Centers
    -Governor’s MansionMLK Jr. Center
    -Fire StationsFernbank Science Center

Program Highlights:
    Daily devotion
    Introduction to Spanish (Pre-School II & Pre-K only)
    Pre-K Graduation & Activities
    Dad's / Mom's Day
    Achievement Night
    Thanksgiving Luncheon
    End of Year Program
    Grandparents Day
    Open House
    Transitional Camp for Pre-K students
    Monthly Activity Calendar
    ELC Parent Handbook

See Fee Schedule.

Extracurricular Offerings:
Youth Basketball Youth Spring & Summer Track
Dance Soccer

  Focus is:
    ⇒ Stimulating their senses through use of music, bright colors, and repetition.
    ⇒ Loving and providing a nurturing environment.
    ⇒ Develop concept of learning through trust

Toddler 1:
  Focus is on the child being able to:
    ⇒ Identify the body parts
    ⇒ Respond to simple sound patterns
    ⇒ Clean up after an activity
    ⇒ Recognize some common objects: ball, cup, spoon

Toddler II:
  Focus is on:
    ⇒ Self-help skills: pull-up, pull-down clothes, feeding self
    ⇒ Following 1-2 step directions
    ⇒ Rote counting from 1 to 10
    ⇒ Toilet training

Pre-School I:
  Focus is on:
    ⇒ Being able to state first name
    ⇒ Being able to rote count 1 to 20
    ⇒ Recognition of colors
    ⇒ Follow verbal directions

Pre-School II:
  Focus is on:
    ⇒ Introduction of Prof. B’s math
    ⇒ Developing organization (sequence) skills
    ⇒ Learning to trace and draw
    ⇒ Being able to state first and last names
    ⇒ Recognition of numbers 1 to 25
    ⇒ Counting from 1 to 30

    ⇒ Reading Readiness
    ⇒ Write name, know address, telephone number
    ⇒ Count from 1 to 100
    ⇒ Recognize sight words: I, am, is, the, me
    ⇒ Prof. B's math
    ⇒ Spanish

Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy