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Digital Learning Environment

Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy has an interactive learning initiative taking place...

In the Fall of 2009, SACA unveiled the Digital Learning Environment, an interactive learning experience pairing students with technology for an opportunity to have a mobile classroom which promotes 1 to 1 learning between teacher and student; and collaborative learning between students and their peers.

Not only does this Digital Learning Environment have proven results with creating student engagement, it has also been proven to increase academic success on all levels of learning.

The DLE encourages a campus created to promote learning at all hours of the day.  It reformulates the typical classroom lecture process by allowing teacher access to digital curricula from hundreds of resources, which provides opportunities to keep classes far more up to date than any printed textbook.

More than anything, we are able to create student equity remove student excuses, raise the bar of God’s greatness and motivate a cultural shift that promotes “mixing faith with learning”!


SACA’s vision is to enhance the greatness of all our students.  Our children are the we will train them for the future.  Collaborative learning is an essential 21st century skill.  Now, with the DLE, parity of student access, student engagement in the learning process and future success are always attainable.

Digital Learning Information for Parents

Digital Learning Information for Teachers Only

Digital Learning Environment Showcase

Projects created by the Class of 2010

Theme: Haiti Relief, How Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy students can effect change.

Twelfth grade students created iWeb websites to alert the SACA community as well as their local community on ways to help Haiti refugees. 

Twelfth grade students created flyers in Pages to rally support for Haiti refugees in the form of food, clothes, toothbrushes and more.

Twelfth grade students at SACA utilized a Wiki to keep up with current events, post discussions, collaborate and more in their International Studies class.