The middle school years represent the culmination of childhood and the threshold of maturity. Although many parents dread this phase of being a "tween", these years should not be regarded as just a transition. Instead, they should be cherished as a time of wonder, excitement, friendship, adventure, challenge and discovery.

At Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy's Academy II, we set high standards for the experience of being a kid. Middle school students need the time and inspiration to study, time to run and play, time to interact, and occasionally time to reflect. Our Academy II teachers, dedicated to working with this age student, are focused on channeling the energy of kids in faith-based, positive and creative directions. At Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, our kids enjoy a balanced life through varied activities, including physical education, technology, club options, sports, drama and music. Of course, they also take stimulating courses taught by committed teachers who are constantly evolving in their fields.

Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy is the optimal size for middle school ages - large enough to field an array of opportunities, but small enough to foster a loving and nurturing environment for each and every child. We all know each other. And as our students connect with friends and teachers in Academy II, they continue to grow, and they grow up well.

God Bless,

Reginald Brown
Lead Teacher, Academy Two

Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy