The Academy III at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy is a place where teachers and students are constantly reminded of the need to mix faith with learning. In the past 26 years we've grown in size and stature, but one element remains the same, our belief that God has declared each and every one of our students as great!

With class sizes that average fifteen, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy is a place where students know their teachers as people and as professionals. While students are learning how to grow in a loving and supportive setting, our faculty inculcates the joy of learning, the importance of faith and the worthiness of intellectual excellence in each of our young people. SACA graduates often return to campus testifying about the goodness of God and how well prepared they were for their college academic careers. But even with great achievement, they primarily come back to visit with their former teachers and spend time with the people they consider family.

SACA is a place that presents numerous opportunities for each student. Every year, high school children have the option to participate in a variety of sports teams, fine arts performances, vocal ensembles, environmental awareness and community service activities, an engaged student government, and countless other clubs and organizations. How do we support the same programs as schools much larger? We pray and believe that God will not keep from us any good thing. Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy students are great and believe that the greatness that they know is within them, will be further revealed if they continue to honor God and serve humanity.

Please join us here at Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, where children have the opportunity to pursue their passions, and develop many new ones along the way, all while "Mixing Faith With Learning".

God Bless!
The Academy III Team

Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy