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From the seed of the Early Learning Center, Academy I is where students are beginning to sprout. Whether they are beginning the process of creating connections to the joy of education, each other, or the identification of the talents that God has gifted them with, our students are taught that the work started in Academy I is the central focus for establishing a strong foundation. From kindergarten to the 5th grade, students are challenged to develop the basic learning structures necessary to build stability in educational pursuits.

Our Academy I is known for its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. However, we are constantly reminded that we are all family and that God has trusted us “to train up a child in the way he should go” so that the adventures of life are limitless. From the morning hug during devotion to technology free play, each student is challenged to be the best that they can be on their stage of life.

Although many believe that they have the best, we believe that our teachers are the best in making our Academy I academically superior. Each of them take our young children and help to shape their minds and develop their character. They push and pull while showing them love and security, something that will follow them for the rest of their lives. They are investigators that discover the best in each child, and along with me, they are honored to serve.

God Bless,

Melanie Thompson
Lead Teacher, Academy One

Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy